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Monday, April 28, 2003

wow! i had no idea how much noise i can make. on saturday (4/26) i discovered a new sound that i can make come out of my mouth. mommy siad it sounds like someone is torturing the baby, whatever that means. i heard daddy call it a scream and a squeal. then he called me a noisy baby. i began making these noises and although mommy and daddy at first thought i was getting upset, they soon realized i was just playing and making a lot of noise.
last night i gave mommy a scare. she woke up and checked on me sleeping like she does from time to time. i wasn't breathing. then after a few seconds i took a deep breath and started breathing again. all of the info mommy and daddy could find about this said it was normal and goes away in the first few months. well i am certainly older than that! i am closing in on 4 months old. so mommy called my doctor and he said not to worry. it actually occurs until 6 months of age and often beyond. they made mommy and daddy feel better.

Friday, April 25, 2003

wednesday was another dude day. just daddy and me.
it went well. daddy offered me a couple of different nipples to try and help me feed from the bottle better. i think we found the right one because i ate really good with one of them.
mommy was gone for a really long time, but daddy kept me so busy that i hardly noticed. it was a good day.
yesterday i was in a bit of a funk. mommy thinks it is because of the long, traumatic days on sunday and monday, and her absence on wednesday. i am crying a bit when i wake up, and mommy doesn't know why, but she knows she doesn't like it.

Monday, April 21, 2003

yeah! i'm finally home.
driving back from san diego in the backseat by myself is rough. i let daddy know that i wasn't enjoying myself, over and over and over again. in fact i made him stop six times, and by the 6th time i had had it. i wasn't going to let him go any further until i saw my mommy and she gave me some food from the delivery system that i know and love. so after mommy got home from work and took a shower, she called daddy to see where we were. he said arby's in temecula. she asked if he wanted her to come down. he replied, "i think that's the only way you're going to see us again cause i don't think we're getting any further on our own."
saturday night i had a milestone. mommy and daddy put me in my crib so they can get some things done. i usually look at my mobile or the crib bumper when they put me in there, but i was sleepy. so i started to rock back and forth. eventually i was asleep. that was the first time that i fell asleep on my own without mommy or daddy having to hold me.
yesterday was my first holiday. i got to see a lot of my family, and mommy helped me look for easter eggs. some had shiny gold in them, others had other shiny stuff. the shiny gold went into my piggy bank. the shiny other stuff went into mommy's mouth.
later on after we got home i was laying on the cushion where mommy and daddy change my diaper, and all of a sudden a couple of pink things popped into view. they kinda looked like long hands with really stubby fingers on them. i grabbed one and felt it. they kept popping up and then going away. i grabbed them a couple more times. i heard mommy tell daddy that i had found my feet.
right now i am at grandma-ma's house. daddy dropped me off here with grandma-ma and aunt debbie. this should be fun!

Friday, April 18, 2003

well wednesday was another dude day. mommy went to work and i got to hang out with daddy. it went pretty good, but i did have to remind daddy to pay a little more attention to me. it was a subtle hint.
when mommy came home we went to the mall and mommy and daddy bought me some new onesies and shirts which is good because i am getting too big for a lot of my clothes.
earlier in the week mommy took me to the outlet mall and got me some jammies at the carter's outlet. yesterday a package came from granny that had more onesies (they are really cute) and some books.
speaking of books, i really like them! daddy and mommy read to me and i sit and look at the pages. sometimes i even hold the book on my own for a little bit.

yesterday i started a yoga class with mommy. it was fun. i was awake the whole time and i just had to tell all the other babies what a great mommy i have. they weren't to interested though. some slept, others were fussy or cried. i don't know why they were upset. don't they sleep through the night except for a couple feedings too?

Sunday, April 13, 2003

wow! what a day. most of it was uneventful. ran some errands with mommy and daddy. ate and napped.
then mommy put me in my crib on my tummy. she put this really colorful thing in front of me. i lifted my head really high to look at it, which i do from time to time. then i tried to move towards the thing. i was able to push with my feet and move just a little bit forward. then i got both of my knees underneath me and i pushed forward. unfortunately my arms weren't in sync and my legs just pushed out from under me. i was able to get my knees underneath me and i was able to make small movements forward a couple times, but the two were unrelated.
it was the first time that i have got my knees underneath me or made any movement on my own. mommy and daddy got very excited. mommy said. "good job aidan." and i heard daddy say he was proud of me, whatever that means.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

i rolled over on my tummy and my arm didn't get stuck! i was rolling over and i started to get real frustrated cause i was kind of stuck and then all of a sudden, i was on my tummy. then i lifted my head and i saw one of those other living creatures walk by. my mommy called her jordan. she kind of smells. maybe she should take a bath with mommy like i did.
i spent a lot of time with daddy yesterday. it was a lot of fun. we played and he read a book to me. i like books, they are real cool to look at.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

yesterday, i rolled over on my tummy from my back. i just couldn't figure out how to get my arm out from under me. today is going to be a dude day. mommy's going out in the field today. hopefully she won't fall in the poison oak! mommy and daddy have been putting me to bed before they go to bed and i have been staying asleep! now they can spend some time alone together.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

well it's offical . . . i am teething. hopefully it won't hurt too bad. yesterday i chewed on mommy's knuckle for a while. i even left gum marks on her finger.
i have also started to notice that there are other living creatures in the house besides me, mommy, and daddy. they are smaller than mommy and daddy, but some are bigger than others.
last night i had an episode. i cried. i have fussed before when i was hungry or sleepy, but this was only the second time i cried. it made mommy and daddy sad too. in fact mommy started crying too. luckily after 10 minutes mommy tried to feed me, and that settled me down.
aunt heather liz is visiting me right now. i like it when she visits.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

i hope you liked my little april fools joke.
yesterday was a long day. mommy had to go to work, so daddy and i went along with her. the roads were really bumpy. mommy and daddy trapped me in my car seat all day long, but mostly i didn't mind. daddy took me out when we stopped, and he made sure i was comfortable with a clean diaper. he also kept me entertained with funny sounds and songs that made me smile. in fact the only time i got fussy was when i wanted to eat or sleep. so all in all i didn't mind the trip too much.
when we got home daddy fed me. his boobs aren't as good as mommy's. in fact i have been having problems with daddy's boobs lately, but yesterday i did really good. that seemed to make mommy and daddy happy.
after that it was time to sleep. it had been a long day.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

today is a big day for my. i have two accomplishments to report.
i got my first tooth!
mommy and daddy thought that teeth were coming in because i've been really drooly lately. but they weren't sure because i am only 10 1/2 weeks old and that's a little early to get a tooth, but here it is.
and i started crawling. not the little 1/2 inch lunges as my feet grip the floor. i mean real arm and leg movement. i went 3 feet before i got tired. mommy says i get to crawl more a little later.

btw - happy april fools day