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Thursday, July 31, 2003

still working on the crawling, no new progress to report.
there are some new photos of me, as well as mommy, daddy, and me that were taken over last weekend. they were studio pictures so they haven't ended up on the web yet, but i'm thinking about putting all of the portraits i have had taken so far on a new portraits page on my website. the problem with that is they all need to be scanned, and i can't reach the scanner, so mommy or daddy will have to help me when they get time and i let them :-)

Friday, July 25, 2003

me again. couple things to report from the baby front.
i'm pretty sure i'm having a bad teething spell because i am becoming very fussy at bedtime and sometimes when i wake up after bedtime. i have also been eating more frequently, occassionally grabbing my ear, having a very moist mouth, and chewing on everything in sight. all classic signs of teething so don't worry about a possible ear infection, it has already been discounted.
i clapped with mommy and daddy for the first time today. they yelled "yay aidan!" and were smacking their hands together. so i smiled at them and smacked my hands together too. that got mommy and daddy really excited. they did it again, and then i did too. we were all having a lot of fun.
as far as crawling goes i have continued my attempts to make progress. i can get all the way up on my hands and knees, and i will rock back and forth too. i'm not quite sure what comes next, but i'll figure it out. i always do.
on the food front i have had rice cereal, banana, and today i tried sweet potato. it was yummy but messy. daddy said he couldn't wait to see what color my next poop is.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

yesterday was my 6 month check up. everything looks good. i now weigh 17.5 lbs. that puts me in the 50 percentile on weight, and i am 27.25 inches long. that puts me in the 75 percentile for height.
i was given 2 shots. i cried (if you could call it that) for about 15 seconds until mommy picked me up. then i stopped and everything was all better.
now i don't get any more shots until i am a year old. six months with no shots. whopee!
although these shots didn't make me feverish, they have made me a bit on the cranky side. daddy calls it bi-polar because i will start to fuss and then he does something dumb that makes me laugh and then i continue fussing. i made last night the longest night for mommy since i was born.
mommy and daddy think my leg hurts from the shot. it is a little swollen. that and my crankiness is totally normal. i should be back to normal tomorrow.
today we are going to aunt raeanne and uncle tracy's house to go swimming for the first time. i'll also get to see my cousins reagan and taylor. it should be a lot of fun (at least mommy and daddy hope so). don't worry the two pasty white boys in the family will be well lubed to protect us from the sun.
there is also something else going on that i have never written about. mommy and me were in a mom and baby yoga class. we met some really neat mommies and babies. the classes have been over for a month now, but we all still get together once a week to hang out. there are 5 of us. kendra and her 10 month old daughter emma, marie and her 7 month old son nico (short for nicholas), mommy and 6 month old me, susi and her 5 month old son nathan, and veronica and her 4 month old son riley.i will write more about me friends in the future, but here is a picture of me, nathan, riley, and nico.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

happy, haapy birthday baby!
6 months and counting. it is amazing how many changes you go through in your first 6 months.
i sit up by myself real good now, although i still have a wobble here and a fall there.
i also am working really really hard on this crawling thing. i can get up on my arms and knees, but then i push forward with my legs and my face hits the ground. or i push forward with one leg and i end up on my back.
i have begun drinking some water and yesterday mommy and daddy gave me my first solid food, if you could call it that. it was some rice cereal in mommy's milk. i ate it ok. no funny faces and no spitting it out, but dad had the camcorder recording just in case. i only had about 5 or 6 spoonfuls but you have to start small, right?
tomorrow is my 6 month appointment. i will be sure to post the vital stats (weight and height).

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

on saturday i put my bare feet on the grass for the first time. i wasn't too sure about that at first. it felt kinda funny, but i got used to it.

have i bothered to tell you that i am sitting up by myself now? oh yeah. i do it all the time. i still get a little wobbly no and then, and every once in a while mommy or daddy has to catch me when i fall over. it is a lot of fun.
i am experimenting with other things too. for instance every once in a while i will get up on my knees and elbows with my body off the ground. but then i don't know what else to do so i just lay back down. and sometimes i will get my knees underneath me and scooch forward a little to get to a favorite toy which is my orange donut with the purple ribs right now. but i like just about anything orange. i like my tigger the tiger rattle, he's orange. and i like the arms that support the dangling things on the butterfly that grandma-ma got me, those are orange too.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

i have another milestone to report. i am now sitting up unassisted for prolonged periods of time. i do fall over from time to time, but i just got good at it this week.
also daddy will type most of my entries for me, but i like hitting the keyboard so this time i wanted to type something myself. here goes:
kjkkl;;LLLLZ“KLkik, mk99,. [p-0-/-////////////////////,mmkmnb bnnm yyyunhyttrerdfvcxds /'ljkijhi-