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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

something is poking me in my mouth. i'm not sure what it is but it hurts. it feels better when i chew on things. i don't cry, i just whine a little here and there.

Monday, August 18, 2003

i'm crawling!!! it's not perfected, but I can do it!

Friday, August 15, 2003

last weekend daddy and i hung out a grandma's house all day. we even went swimming. it was the first time that daddy has gone swimming with me since i started swim lessons. he dunked me underwater, and let me splash and splash and splash. have i mentioned that i like to splash? i low the water. in fact mommy made another game for me the other day. she turns the faucet on love and lets me slap the water in the sink. it's really fun.
sorry this took so long to report, but that sitting up all by myself thing? i figured that out. i do it all of the time now.
crawling you ask? hmm. that's one's a bit tougher. i don't know that i would describe my method of locomotion as "crawling", i can tell you what daddy calls it "a train wreck." hey it works for me, no one said it had to be pretty. just because i scooch, take a crawl step, then strech out my legs so i'm up in the air like doing a crab walk, then fall on my face, and then lunge doesn't mean i'm not coordinated. i may not go straight but i go. and the more i go the more efficient i will get and then you watch out daddy. you won't be able to catch me. he-he.
today i had another swim lesson. mommy signed us up for another session since this one ends next week. anyway i did really good today. i didn't hardly cough at all. mommy says i'm learning to close my mouth and eyes, and hold my breath. i sure do like swimming.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

today was my second day of swim lessons. i'm learning to kick and use my big arms. i'm also learning how to grab the side of the pool in case i fall in. the swim teacher had my mommy dunk me under water, too. that didn't work out well cause i swallowed a lot of water and coughed a lot. today was better. we tried it a different way and i was fine. i just need to learn how to close my mouth so i don't get any water in there. i just see my mommy drink water all the time so i want to try it too. riley is in my class. he holds his breath really well. hopefully i will be able to do it just as good by the end of my lessons.
yesterday, mommy took me to daddy's new work. there were all kinds of ladies there talking to me. i smiled and clapped and they smiled and clapped and i smiled and clapped. it was funny! i had fun when i was there but i didn't have fun on the way home. i cried a lot. i cried so much i started coughing. mommy sang to me and held my hand but i still cried until mommy stopped and sat with me. it took us a long time to get home. i hope we don't go on any long car rides in a while. i don't like being by myself that long, it's awfully boring.

Monday, August 04, 2003

today i start swim lessons. i am really looking forward to it.
on friday (8/1), i accomplished another milestone. i went from laying on the floor to sitting up all by myself. i don't know how i did it and i haven't been able to do it again since, but i'm sure it will come to me. just like i'm sure the crawling will come to me.

Friday, August 01, 2003

mommy signed us up for baby swim lessons. we start on monday and go 3 days a week. we have a total of 8 sessions. i love splashing in the water. i do it all the time so i am looking forward to swim class. thanks mommy!