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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

yesterday something clicked. i have been working on this walking thing for a few weeks now, but yesterday it all came together. mommy took me to gymboree. i am in a new class that is for walkers instead of crawlers. i can't quite figure out what happened to stimulate my walking but something did. after mommy brought me home, all i wanted to do was walk, walk, and walk some more. i walked from my room to mommy and daddy's bed. that's about 20 feet! i walked from one end of the living room to the other.
i still fall sometimes, but not so much and i am trying more and more to walk. i used to only try to walk to something close, or something farther if i had something to hold onto. not anymore. i will try to walk to anything i want and i am being successful most of the time.
the days of crawling as my primary method of locomotion are probably behind me.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

sorry for the delay. i have had a pretty nasty cold since the weekend before last (dec. 7). i am doing much better now. actually i was doing really good during my cold too. i blew snot bubbles with my nose, had gobs of green snot collecting on my upper lip, and had a few doozy of a cough episodes. although it sounds miserable, it really wasn't. i was able to sleep pretty normally, and i was in my normal happy mood throughout. oh i had a meltdown here or there that i might not have had if i didn't have a cold, but all in all it didn't affect me too much. i think daddy and mommy lost more sleep than me with my snoring (my nose was plugged) and my coughing. it is slowly trailing off now and i should be normal again real soon.
i am helping daddy with the christmas presents for all my grandparents. as a result they might not be ready for christmas, but be patient. i promise it will be well worth the wait.
i am really working hard on walking. in fact depending on your definition, you may say i am walking now. crawling is still my primary means of locomotion, but that is only temporary.
i am able to take multiple steps. i have taken up to seven when mommy or daddy was counting. what happened after seven you ask? well i sure didn't fall if that's what you are wondering. i reached the item i was walking to.
i move around rooms really well. i walk along the couch, then the chair, then the table, then the other chair, then the ottoman, then the wall, then a couple steps free-standing and i am over to the entertainment center, then the speaker, well you get the idea. i can even make it all the way down the hall using the wall.
i really enjoy pushing my car. it has helped me with my walking alot! i am glad that mommy and daddy didn't wait 'til christmas to give it to me.
last weekend daddy brought at tree into the house and put lots of stuff on it. at night it looks real pretty. i'm not sure what it is for, but mommy calls it the christmas tree and tells me that everything underneath it is for me, but that i have to wait. what a tease!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

most of the things i put in here are positive. i don't want you to think that i don't have any habits that mommy and daddy don't like, so here's my bad behavior post. keep in mind that all of these things only happen sometimes.
i push daddy away from mommy whenever we try a "family hug".
i scream and fuss when something i want is taken away from me.
i scream at the dinner table when i'm done.
i shake my head back and forth when mommy or daddy tries to feed me something that i don't want (at that moment).
i hit and scratch at faces too hard.
i have been staying up late and making it hard on mommy to get me to sleep lately.
i act like i want to be held by someone just to get closer to something i'm not supposed to have.
i fight mommy while going tinto the car seat.
i never let daddy console me or help me to sleep.