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Saturday, January 31, 2004

another spell since the last update, but not a lot of new stuff. oh yeah i am 1 now! i had a party and a lot of friends and family were there. those who couldn't make it were there in spirit. our house is kinda small, so it was a tight squeeze to get everyone in but we managed. a lot took place in the backyard since the weather cooperated. although it did get a bit cool as the afternoon wore on. enough about the weather! i got a lot of new books, and clothes, and toys! then i got to eat cake. i wasn't too sure about it at first, but after trying it i liked it! and even though there were a lot of people there, and mommy and daddy were worried about how I would take it, i did fine, in fact i did better than mommy and daddy.
i am becoming a very good walker, and although i have my moments where i lose my balance and look like a train wreck, i usually recover and don't fall down too much. me speed is increasing too. i can have short little bursts that are quite speedy. i am extra busy now. when i go out i mostly want to be put down so i can cruise around. in fact i get to do that at starbucks quite a bit. mommy and daddy take me there every weekend and i have the two heathers and ally (they are gals who work there) eating out of my hand. they love to see me and i can do no wrong by them, which i demonstrate by leaving a few cheerios on the floor under my chair.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

wow!! it's been a couple of weeks since my last post. a lot has been going on. as you know, i have started walking. i walk all the time. on christmas eve i was walking all over grandmama's house. oh yeah! christmas eve and christmas were a lot of fun. i wasn't sure what to make of those boxes that mommy and daddy kept trying to get me to tear the paper off of but now i have a lot of cool toys to play with. i love the noisy toy aunt debbie gave me. it makes things spin and i can make it work all by myself. of course, i like making music with the music table grandma got me and those match box cars aunt raeanne and uncle tracy gave me are great to chew on. reagan gave me cool stuffed animals and that blue's blues book aunt christina gave me is so much fun! the leap frog book grandmama gave me is fun to play with, too. i like turning it on and off. i had a lot of fun with all my family. i really like my cousins, reagan and taylor. i kept trying to take reagan's glasses off. i like glasses. on christmas, gran and papa came over. they brought over a big red thing with wheels. mommy gives me rides to the mail box in it. it's lots of fun! grandpa and nana sent me some more cool blocks with animals in them. i like knocking them over. it's fun! mommy and daddy gave me some fun stuff, too. daddy gave a rockin' puppy and mommy got me the octopus puppet from baby neptune. i'm not bored of my toys yet. mommy and daddy are happy to hear that.
my new year's eve wasn't quite as exciting. mommy and daddy got me some new fleece pajamas so i could stay warmer at night but i woke up at 3:30 a.m. feeling really hot. they took off my pajamas but i was still really hot. they stuck something my arm and said i had a fever. ik was really hot for 2 days. i was miserable. all i did was sleep or sit on mommy or daddy's lap. i didn't even want to walk or play with my new toys. i had to go to the doctor. she said i had an ear infection and told mommy and daddy to give me some gross stuff. i really didn't want to take it but they made me. i got really upset and wouldn't let them give me medicine anymore not even tylenol which i love. i even threw up the medicine once. so, i ended up having to go back to the doctor 3 days in a row to get a shot in my leg. it hurt really bad but it ended up making me feel a lot better. i was playing again by saturday.
some new things that i am doing now are screaming to get my way (it doesn't usually work), pointing at mommy or daddy's nose, eyes, and ears, pointing at things i want, shaking my head "no" when i don't want something, going outside and playing with rocks and leaves, and sometimes when mommy or daddy says a word i try to make the same sound. for example, daddy took off his hat and said "hat" and then i said "ha, ha, ha" and when mommy says "POP!" when i pop a bubble at gymboree, i say " pa,pa,pa". i'm sure i'll be talking soon.
time to go to bed.