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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i really like my shoes except i prefer to wear just one. usually the left one. i bring it to my mommy and sit on her lap so she can help me put it on. after we get the shoe on i walk all around the house. my left shoe is cool.
so i have been mentioning the words i say, but not the words/objects/concepts i know or respond to. here is a short list:
nose, ear, mouth, teeth (obviously), belly button, penis, bath, more, all done, book, daddy, mommy, cup/drink, nurse, cat, shoe, hat, get down, on your bottom (as in don't stand in your wagon, sit on your bottom), come here.

Monday, February 23, 2004

ok, i know "shoe". daddy's hat was covering my shoes so i took his hat and gave it to mommy and said "hat" and when i saw my shoes i said "foo" (that really does mean shoe). i forgot to mention that when i play with my cars i make vroom vroom sounds, too.
i'm really working on this communication thing. i wave hello and bye-bye and i point at things i want. i say "ha" when daddy puts his hat on. i say "cat" when i see a kitty or a picture of one. i say "tee" when mommy brushes her teeth or my teeth. i say "wow", "uh oh" and "hi" when someone else says it first. i also say "cup" when i'm thirsty. i even call the dog's water bowl "cup". i'm learning "shoe" and "dada" right now. sometimes when mommy says we need to change my diaper i run into my room and get a diaper. oh yeah, i love books. i get a book off my bookshelf and take it to mommy or daddy and i sit in their lap while they read a book to me. when they are all done i go get another book for them to read. sometimes i will take the book we just finished and put it back on the shelf. sometimes i want them to read the same book over and over and over. yesterday, daddy read me a book 10 times!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

i'm better today! i was real hot all night but when i woke up this morning, i wasn't hot anymore. i was ready to play on the bed like i do every morning:)

Friday, February 13, 2004

doc says the ears are fine but i have the flu:(
i'm sick, again. i woke up at 2:45 a.m. and i was roasty toasty. we are going to the doctor soon to make sure i don't have an ear infection again.
to update you on my stuff, i have been being a real challenge for my mommy and daddy. as you know, i am one now and i'm trying to assert my independence. well, sort of. i love to walk and when my mommy and daddy let me walk when we are out i don't want them to pick me up again. sometimes i don't want to go into my carseat, high chair, or stroller and when they make me i stiffen up, arch my back, and scream. i still end up where i don't want to be but it's worth a try. when i'm home with mommy, i want her to be with me at all times. she's really tired.
oh yeah, i've been meaning to mention that i try to greet the kitties like they greet each other. when a kitty is laying near me, i rub my head on him/her like they do on me. i have also been communicating with my mommy and daddy. i can use sign language when i want more food or when i am all done. i'm learning to sign when i want to eat and i can let my mommy know when i want to nurse. i am also imitating words like "hi", "cat", "cool", "goal", and "uh oh".
well, i have to go to see dr.hartfield now.