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Sunday, August 08, 2004

the site moved recently, so you may have seen an older version for the last week. all should be working good now.
i got a potty today! mommy and daddy got me my very own potty. i have been showing so much interest in the potty that they figured it was time to give me my own. plus they say mine is a lot cleaner so far, so they don't mind me playing in it so much. it looks like a mini version of the normal potty. i'm sure there will be pictures of me and the potty show up that will be embarassing to me years from now.
i am starting to spout new words everyday, you might have noticed my worklist isn't being updated anymore. that is because i am saying too many new things to keep up with it.
i am verbalizing associations. yesterday i took my shoes to daddy and said "shoe, aidan" and pointed at myself. that let daddy know that i was telling him those were my shoes. then we were reading a book that had a little boy in it. mommy said "see the little boy?" and i said, "boy, . . . aidan" and then pointed at myself to let mommy know that i am a little boy.
i can plan and use tools too. when i want to play at the counter in the kitchen, i take a chair from the table, turn it around, push it against the cupboards in the kitchen, pull myself up and start to play.
mommy and daddy think that i am entering what they call a developmental explosion.