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Thursday, April 13, 2006

i have two obsessions of late. my first is airplanes and living next to an airport is the coolest. mommy and daddy have been taking me there to look at airplanes. i want to buy one. sometimes i ask if we can go to the airport so that we can buy an airplane. daddy says they cost a lot. i told him to give them a lot. he says he doesn't know how to fly a plane, that's ok. i told him i do. i told him if we buy a plane he can sit up front with me, mommy and dylan will sit in the back and guinness will sit in the very back.
when we were at the airport the other day daddy saw an old two seater for sale. he said it cost 23,500. i told him we should buy it.
my other obsession is jacuzzis. mommy and daddy have been thinking about getting one. ever since daddy took me the first jacuzzi store, i just can't stop thinking about it. sometimes after dinner i ask if we can go tot he jacuzzi store and get a jacuzzi.
we have been to 3 jacuzzi stores and i want to go to more.
last night i had a dream that we had a jacuzzi in our kitchen. when i woke up i asked daddy, "where'd the jacuzzi go?"


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