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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

on saturday daddy told me about a spaceship that the united states sends into space called the space shuttle. he wanted to show me it going into space, but they didn't that day. so we went on the computer and found videos of different space shuttle launches.
we tried to watch again on sunday, and again they didn't launch.
finally yesterday on the fourth of july i got to see my very first space shuttle launch as i watched discovery take off from florida. it was very cool and now i am very interested in things daddy was telling me about space shuttles and other space things. while daddy was telling me about the space shuttle i had many questions to ask. as a result daddy also told me about satellites including the hubble telescope, our solar system, galaxies, stars, nebulas where stars are born, black holes, meteors and comets, the big spot on jupiter, voyager and voyager 2, moon landings and lunar rock/soil samples, and mars rovers (daddy called them remote controlled cars with sample machines). i think just about covers it.
yesterday i wanted to make a space shuttle while we were waiting for the launch, so daddy and i made one out of construction paper with the rockets and gas tank and everything!


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