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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

so i have been adjusting to life with a baby brother. i really like him a lot. i am very good to him. i give him hugs and kises and i like to hold him.
it has been a challenege for mommy, dylan, and i to figure out how to hit a groove with daddy back at work now, but i think we are getting there.
as for me i have a favorite gesture. have you heard of "hang loose"? well daddy showed it to me and now i love to do it. sometimes i use both hands to do "hang looses".
i still have a love of music. i have been listening to a cd by lisa loeb abd elizabeth mitchell called "catch the moon". in fact i fall asleep listening to it most nights. i really like lisa. in fact i had dadddy print a picture of her off of our computer for me. there are a couple songs that daddy has sung to me that i have developed a liking for, one of them is "porcupine pie" by niel diamond, and the other is "jessie's girl" by rick springfield. oh and i can't forget that the other day daddy played "bust a move" by young mc for me and i have been singing it a bit the last few days.
i were mommy and daddy out with my play. most of my play these days is pretend play. i like to pretend i am one of the characters on one of the shows i watch. right now i am really into "little einsteins". i pretend to be leo, daddy plays annie, my sister, mommy is june and dylan is quincy. usually i fly rocket on a mission with either annie or june. sometimes we fly to the chocolate river and drink from it.
another show i like to pretend play is "the koala brothers". i am buster (pronounced "busta") and daddy is frank. we fly around in our airplane looking for friends that need our help.
i love m&ms and gumballs, and i have quite the nose when it comes to cookies in the oven. i have a shirt that says "official cookie taster".
hopefully it won't be so long until my next update. there seems to be a lot going on and i'm sure i have missed something.