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Sunday, November 30, 2003

so i made the post about my steps, but said nothing about my thanksgiving.
on thursday we went to grandmama's house. there was a lot of people there. i met cousins i had never met before, mandi and tristan. i also met an aunt i hadn't met yet, aunt sheryl. i also saw grandam raymond, aunt raeanne and uncle tracy, aunt debbie, uncle wayne and cousins reagan, taylor , kelly, and aaron. it was a pretty busy house, but i didn't mind. when i wasn't mashing the mashed potatos with the cherry jell-o that mommy gave me at thanksgiving dinner, i was either crawling around while being chased, or pushed my new toy car around.
on friday grans and papa came to see me. mommy and grans made a lot of food. i enjoyed playing while they watched.
today i went and saw a stranger with white haior in a red suit. he was so interesting to look at. i wasn't upset or fussy at all. there will soon be a picture of us in the photo section.

Friday, November 28, 2003

tuesday nov. 25, 2003. mark that day down as the day i took my first step.
i am really working on this upright thing. i can't even free-stand and i am working on walking. mommy and daddy got me an early christmas present. it is a car that i can ride on, or stand and push. mommy and daddy gave it to me last sunday and it has really helped me progress quickly. i love to push it around and it has really made me more confident in my walking.
since my first step i have been making quick progress. i have tried to take more steps everyday since tuesday. today i took 5 steps. at one point i was standing holding on to mommy and daddy's bed. i decided to go to the window 3 feet away. i let go and took a few wobbly steps and voila! i was at the window sill, i didn't have to get on my hands and knees and crawl, i did it all by myself standing up!
mommy and daddy say i am such a big boy now.
they tell me that we are going to go see someone named santa this weekend. they say he is really nice and i will be really excited by him if not this year, in coming years. i'll let you know what i think of him.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

my 6th tooth has finally poked through. it has been teasing me for a couple weeks now, but no more.
i continue my progress in the prone world. i move along items well and can even move from one object to the next, even when they are not connected. when mommy or daddy put their hands out, i take them and walk to them while holding on. i am also getting better at free-standing. although i can't do it yet, the length of time i stand before falling down is getting longer and longer. last night i did for 30 seconds.
talking, talking, and more talking. i am a really chatty little boy. i do mean talking. i don't just make sounds, i put sounds together to make new sounds and string them together into my own kind of sentence. i saw the doctor last week and he said that most boys don't talk as much as i do until 15 months or later.
my favorite bath toy hasn't changed. in fact i like it even more than i used to.
i started something new this week. i wave. when people wave at me i wave back. mommy and daddy have been showing me how to do this forever, but i just connected the dots.
i also said "momma" to mommy, for sure, for real. at least that's what she says. she may be right.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

i can't believe that i forgot to mention one of my more impressive accomplishments. for about two weeks now i have been pointing. i kinda make my hand into a finger gun turned sideways. i use it to point at all kinds of things. whenever i do mommy or daddy will say something to me about what i am pointing at. it's pretty cool.
i do have another habit that is not so nice. i slap and scratch at faces on occasion. mommy and daddy don't seem to enjoy it. i don't know why. for me it is a lot of fun.
that's it for now.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

well i woke up today and had two more things i need to add here. in yesterday's post i forgot to mention that i dance! well sort of. you see i have this toy that plays music, and when i hear it, sometimes i sway side to side. i just started doing that this week.
the other thing to report is that i couldn't breathe through my nose very well last night and i am coughing. that made for a rough night, but i am acting fine this morning. i heard mommy and daddy talking about it. they said that i caught a cold. i don't know how, i have been wearing my warm pajamas with the feet. i haven't felt cold, but mommy said there's one going around. i guess even if you don't feel cold you can still catch a cold. i'm not sure how i caught it. every other time daddy throws something to me i don't catch it. i guess i just don't remember catching it, or who threw it. i will have to be more careful not to catch colds that others are throwing.

Friday, November 07, 2003

once again i have had a busy week. i have begun to try to "free stand". i am getting better at it. daddy counted to 10 once before i fell. he thinks that i will be able to do it pretty soon.
i have also begun talking, well aidan talking. i speak my own language, but i am very deliberate about it. i emphasize some words, i make faces when i talk, and i make hand gestures. i talk A LOT! i love talking. sometimes i just go on and on to anyone who will listen. usually that means mommy and daddy. they are good listeners and they talk back. sometimes in their language, sometimes in mine.
another thing i do is talk to the kitties. whenever i hear a kitty talk, it doesn't matter what i am doing. i stop, look up and make a very soft "buh" sound. sometimes i'll do it to the doggies too, but always to the kitties.
i whipped out a new voice for the week of halloween. i would speak in a hoarse, raspy sounding whisper. mommy and daddy called it my demon voice because that is what it sounded like. i started during halloween week, and only did it through halloween weekend. i haven't done it since.
for halloween i was blue from "Blue's Clues".

we had a party and all of the babies came over. if you look at the pictures and wonder why mommy was painting my bottom orange, it was because i sat on a piece of paper and made a pumpkin with my bottom! that was aunt raeanne's idea.
crawling is no sweat. i am fast!
pulling myself is not a problem. in fact i crawl on top of a container that is in my room. don't worry though, mommy or daddy always has a hand on me when i do that.
well i gotta go now. we're watching "Finding Nemo" tonight!