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Saturday, May 22, 2004

ugh! blogger has a few new features, one of which i just tried to use. the result? a post that i had spent 15 minutes typing just got wiped out.
(deep breath - sigh)
ok so now i will type in another application so that i can't lose what i type.
i have been biased regarding my posts lately. i haven't been giving you the bad with the good. i have developed quite a tantrum that i can throw at a moments notice. and it really doesn't have to be for any reason. sometimes it because momma has gone into the bathroom without me. other times it is because i dropped a toy, or because i want out of my high chair before i am finished eating.
i think i am getting really good at it because i can tell that is is really trying momma's patience. if i keep this up i might have momma and dada bending to my will by the time i'm eighteen years old.
there actually is one reason why i have been throwing fits lately, my mouth hurts a lot! it has been hurting for a while as i have been getting new teeth over the past few weeks. three have broke through and there are more bulges where there weren't before. basically my mouth is mad and that makes me uncomfortable most of the time.
i try to balance bad with good though. i have become a good helper around the house. i help momma and dada put toys and books away. i put groceries on the conveyor belt at the store and i swipe the credit card too. i love to push the swiffer around the house, and use a toy vacuum that one of my friends has. i help put clothes in the washing machine and i close the dryer door.
last weekend momma and da da got me my own lawn mover which i love to push around the house and the yard.
i am keeping my word list as up-to-date as i can manage. i will underline new additions. be sure to check it out cause i just added a bunch of new stuff!
next week i am going on a trip. i will go see grandpa and nana. i haven't seen them since i was one week old. it will be a fun time, but i'm not sure how i'll do with the travel. we'll see.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

my word list continues to grow. be sure to keep an eye on it as it grows.
i also have two more teeth with a third on the way. one of them is a molar!
i give hugs and kisses now. i say momma and dada deliberately now to identify my mommy and daddy.
i have some new play equipment in the backyard thanks to my friend maddie accross the street. she's too big for it so she gave it to me. i love it! especially the slide.
there's also a new blog feature that i am going to try to use when the mood strikes me. it is audio blog which will play audio i record.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

i tried to update this a while ago but the website died and my entry was lost so here goes again.
i have a word list where you can see the words i say and the words i understand. there's also a couple other things there too. i will try to keep that up to date too.
so the things that i have to report since february are:
i got stung by a bee and got a bloody nose in the same day! i was walking in the grass in the backyard and stepped on the bee. ouch! he stung me. mommy took real good care of that though and by the time daddy got home it wasn't bothering me unless a bumped that part of my foot. later on i was running on the couch (mommy and dadddy try to tell me to stop but i don't listen). mommy was sitting on the couch and when i fell my little nose hit her knee. that smarts! well mommy and daddy got me fixed up right and the next day there wasn't any black eyes or bruising so you couldn't even tell anything had happened.
i have seven teeth now! i have had six teeth since december (i think) but the seventh finally appeared. it is on the bottom right next to the other two i have down there.
i have a rash on my back that has been around for a couple weeks now. at first it looked real bad but didn't bother me. then it started going away, but it started to itch a little. then mommy and daddy had to stop putting medicine on it because i caught something else called head, foot and mouth disease. it's not really a disease, but a virus that causes a short fever followed by little bumps on the body and little sores in the mouth. i didn't want to eat or drink hardly anything for two days when i first got it, but i'm a lot better now. the fever was last friday (04/23). i only have a few bumps left. the rash on my back is still there and still itches a little.