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Sunday, June 20, 2004

lots of new pics. i was having some problems with my pictures on the computer, but it is all fixed now. i just posted over 260 new pictures going back to the beginning of march. check them out. i updated the word list too.

my north carolina trip part ii
i left off after memorial day. just about everyday i got to see animals in papa and nana's forest. i saw squirrels, fox, coon, a couple lizzards, and lots of birds. in fact nana had a little bird house on her porch that se would take me out to see the baby birds in. they were always making peeping sounds.
tuesday was pretty uneventful. we tried to go for a carriage ride downtown, but i fell asleep so we just went home. for dinner we went to a neat restaurant along the river. we sat outside so i could make mommy and daddy go laps around and around and around the patio. i thought that was really fun.
after dinner we tried to go on the carriage ride again, but it was going to start too late and i was getting sleepy, so grandpa drove us down the streets that the carriage ride would've taken us down and told us what we would've heard. Then we went home.
on wednesday i went to the beach again with mommy and daddy. i had a blast again. i think i want to spend all my time at the beach now, but daddy keeps telling me that the beaches near our house have cold water. when i finally go i will decide if the beach is as much fun when the water is cold. mommy and daddy took pictures that we need to get developed, but they will be posted when they get that done. after dinner we finally got to go on the carriage ride. a lot of what we saw and heard seemed familiar.
on thursday morning we went to the mall. malls are neat places cause they are big with lots of things to look at. i get to run around too. i got to play in the playland, ride in a stroller that had a steering wheel (steering wheels are the coolest!), and i got to go on my first merry-go-round. i think this was the day that i really started feeling comfortable with papa and nana. i let nana pick me up and carry me around. we went out to dinner and i was being very silly. i was putting a napkin over my head and laughing very excitedly. then i would pull the napkin down so that everyone could see where i had gone. i did this over and over and over. we then went for ice cream and went home. when we got home mommy took me out of my car seat. i walked to the front of the van and got in papa's lap. i started playing with all of the knobs and switches. oh yeah there was a steering wheel too. have i told you? steering wheels are the coolest! i must've sat in papa's lap and played for 20 minutes. it was so much fun.
on friday we went to an aquarium. mommy and daddy were really excited, but i wasn't. every time they tried to show me something, i just walked away. i did see some neat fish and stuff, but i think mommy aned daddy were more into than me. i did crawl through a fossil pit where i picked up my first splinter. it didn't bother me though and it is pretty much all better now.
on saturady mommy and daddy packed, we went to lunch and then we got on a plane and came home. the trip back was much better than the trip out. i got to play in the terminal first, take a nap on the first plane, and we got three seats to ourselves on the last leg of the trip.
while i was there, papa and nana had a wooden puzzle with animal pieces. that was where the bunny that nana showed me went hop-hop-hop came from. that was one of my favorite toys. i would take out pieces and carry them to papa or nana and they would tell me what they were. i think they helped me learn a couple of the animals that way. i also loved to go in their office. all of the door handles in their house were the lever kind instead of the knobs, so i could pretty much get into any room i wanted. in the office i loved to grab papa's golf balls and throw them around. in the kitchen nana had left a cupboard open for me to play in. there were all kinds of mixing bowls and stuff. i liked to empty the cupboard onto the floor while i played with the bowls. when i was done i would help mommy put them all away.
traveling cross country isn't too much fun, but i handled it well.
grandpa and nana, next time it is your turn to come to my house. i promise that when you do, i will warm up to you much quicker.

Monday, June 07, 2004

my north carolina trip part i
i spent the last week in north carolina. mommy and daddy took my to see grandpa (i call him papa) and nana.
there is a lot to say about my trip so i will post it in parts.
papa and nana were so happy to see me when i got there. i wasn't quite sure what to make of them. mommy and daddy told me that i saw them when i was a week old, but i don't remember that. it was like meetng strangers. the first day they kept wanting to pick me up and do things with me, but i just wanted my mommy. can you blame me? after all i had just spent a day in an airplane and then ended up in a strange place that for all i knew was my new home. it was very unsettling. i did pretty good when papa and nana weren't trying to do stuff with me. i tried to take it in my usual laid-back manner. it took them a couple of days to figure me out.
i would still play with papa and nana, but only when it was my choice. i took animal puzzle pieces to nana and she told me what they were and what they did. she taught me that the bunny goes hop-hop-hop.
papa kept trying to help me out of my car seat, but i didn't want him to. the more he tried, the bigger fuss i made. i even managed to jump out of my car seat a couple times after mommy had unbuckled it so that papa wouldn't help me.
on memorial day we stopped by the beach. i played in the sand and then mommy took me to the ocean. ocean, where have you been all my life? i loved it. it was soooo much fun. i went running into the water and laughed, and squeled, and screamed. it was great. everytime a wave hit me i thought it was so funny. i eventually ran around the beach nude and there are some great pictures that will be posted to the site soon.
that's it for now. stay tuned for more posts about my trip. also check out my word list as it has grown. oh yeah, i also got another tooth on the top of my mouth today. that brings the total to 10 with four more on the way.